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Volunteer Positions

Drop-Off Inspector - Great for those who are highly detailed. These volunteers inspect all incoming items to make sure they meet our requirements for quality and tagging.

Inventory Distribution- These volunteers help with consignor drop-off by taking inspected items and putting them in the correct sale floor location.

Registration - Signing in all consignors at drop-off. They will help complete the consignor registration process, hand out passes and instructions.

Sales Floor Assistant - These are the folks that will keep our sections and areas organized and visually appealing. You will also be asked to help customers with questions, pick up fallen items, watch for suspicious behavior, turn in items to lost/found, or items without tags. May be required to move table an relocate merchandise during the sale. Some later shifts will also help with consignor pick-up (saturday shifts).

Cashier Assistant - Removes hangers from items. Make items easier for cashier to scan and place in shopping bag. Must be a quick learner, and do well in a fast-paced environment. 

Hospitality/Greeter- This position needs to be accepted by someone who is energetic and friendly. You will be the first person shoppers see when coming into our sale, direct them where to go and tell them what is available. You will also be responsible for making sure snack area is clean and stocked.

Consignor Pick-up/Tear Down - This job may be combined with Sales Floor Assistant. You will help put consignor inventory into consignor order, so consignors can find their items quickly. This will also include tearing down racks, and taking them to storage unit (across the street). This is a good job for husbands with trucks. :)