​Spending a little extra time getting your items ready will make a HUGE difference on your profits.  Clothes that are clean, pressed, and smell fresh, with buttons and zippers closed, look better and generally sell quicker.  Sets of clothing tend to sell better than separate items. So, match up separates if you can.  Starch, a little bleach, an iron, or needle and thread work wonders!!  The same applies to furniture, large toys and outdoor play equipment.  Remove all dirt, grime and marks.  Make sure all parts are included, place any small parts in ziploc bags, then securely attach the bag to the main part.

**Please ensure toys with batteries have working batteries in them**
            (All sized batteries will be available at drop-off for a fee)

Hanging Clothes- We provide you with hangers that have been donated to us from the Carters outlet store. Please visit our consignor only FB page to see when there will be Supply Pick-up dates where you can come pick up hangers from Denise's house.  Dates will be posted there.

Wash and press your clothes first.  The better it looks the more customers are willing to pay.  Clothing must be on a hanger, (NO WIRE - yuck!) or presented nicely. Use common sense.  
If it doesn't look presentable, please find another way to display it.

1.  Begin by hanging your item on the hanger. The hanger should point to the LEFT (hanger will look like the top of a question mark (?). 

(Shirts/Onesies, etc) Place our tag on the tag on the back of the item (size tag on the NECK). If no tag is present, please go through the seam without making an actual hole IN the item. (Please do NOT use safety or straight pins!)

Pants - Place our tag on the front of the item on the waistline, or on the top of the front pocket. (hide the tag hole in a crease of the pants)

Non-Clothing items-

Multiple piece items - Group together in a plastic ziploc bag. Tape (with packing tape) the price tag onto the bag.
Large items with extra pieces - Put extra pieces into a ziploc bag and secure to larger item (with tape). Write on the price tag "w/extra pieces"... so we know at check-out that you aren't leaving anything behind.

Shoes- Ziptie shoes together whenever possible.  You can then pin the price tag onto the shoes. Put Robeez, or like shoes (infant shoes) into a ziploc bag if you wish. 

Books & Videos-
​Books  can be bundled together and secured either in a ziploc bag or with saran wrap. Place price tag on top of either. Bundles books in "like" topic (Christmas/Disney, etc).  

We only accept DVD's and Blu-Ray Videos. VHS will no longer be accepted at drop-off. Please make sure they are rated PG or G and are appropriate. We will accept work out video's if they are maternity (ex: Yoga, etc).

Hats- will be displayed together. Tag with tagging gun. You can also tag the hat with a loop fastener as well...but not necessary. 

Bedding- If possible, please put bedding into heavy clear plastic bags (like what they come in).  Or tie with ribbon or yarn.  

     How to PRICE your items-

Here is an online guide of how
to price your items.


                           What you will need to get started

Computer/Internet               Hangers (NOT WIRE!!)         Saran Wrap

Packing Tape (clear)              Zipties (for shoes)           Ziploc Bags

                                         *Time and Patience*            



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