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Drop-off appointments can be chosen HERE. They are in 20 minute increments. 

Please also ensure the following are completed:


1. Clothing on hangers are hung correctly. (hanger facing like a question mark). 

2. Clothing with buttons, zippers and snaps will be buttoned, zipped and snapped.

3. Outfits that are sets should be on correct sized outfit hangers (provided at supply pick-up). 

4. Pants should be on proper size pant hangers. (provided at supply pick-up)


1. Shoes should be zip-tied together by the shoe lace holes, or by tabs on back of shoes. Shoes that cannot be attached together should be rubber-banded, or placed inside a zip-loc bag (infant shoes). (Zip-ties will be provided at Supply Pick up)


1. Toys that belong together are secured together with either packing tape or ziploc bags, etc.

2. Toys that have batteries in them ARE in working order. Toys that do not work will go back home with you. 


​1. Blankets should be rolled (larger ones) and rubber-banded or tied with a ribbon. Multiple blankets (receiving blankets) can be rolled and placed into a large zip-loc bag. Do not tape this bag.

2. Tag can be taped over with packing tape (to make it more secure) and hole punch the tag to put the rubber band or ribbon through. 

Large Items:

1. We love to have large items at our sale. Please make sure tags are attached securely and are within a shoppers view. (no one wants to have to search for a price tag). A "large item tag" will be placed on the item during the sale.


1. Make sure items have tags that are secure so that they don't get lost. If they do fall off of items, we try to match up lost items to lost tags.

We post photos of lost items on our Consignor Only FB page during the sale you can claim it and we can get it back out on the sales floor. So be sure to keep an eye on this page during Sale days!


**NEW THIS SALE!!** You can choose a pick up time from your Consignor Home page. Pick-up will be held Saturday, May 19th between 7 - 9pm, if you do not choose a time, one will be chosen for you. 

You are required to come during this time to pick up your unsold items. Upon arrival, you will check in, and we will show you where your items are. They will be sorted in Consignor # order, and will have been pre-checked (we want to ensure you don't get another consignors items).  

Please bring bins, or boxes to carry your items home in. We will be collecting movies and books and donating them to the Lynden Library if you would like to donate your unsold ones. There will be bins by the exit.

If you choose to consign with us for our Fall Sale, you are welcome to keep the hangers on your items. If you choose to not consign with us during the Fall sale, you will be asked to remove hangers from your items so we can reuse them at our next sale. $15 will be deducted from your earnings if you choose to consign at our Fall sale and you will automatically be registered and added to our Consignor ONLY FB page.

Registration for others will open up on June 1st, 2018.