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Tagging Guns- $12 (send an email to or comment on our Consignor ONLY FB page to order)  

We will be offering Tagging guns and other items to help you prepare your items. 

Kit includes:

1 Tagging Gun and unlimited barbs

Or, if you already have a Tagging gun from past sales, you can request more barbs from me. Putting tags on with Tagging guns looks much more professional, and makes it a lot easier. Please note that tags should be put onto the item of clothing through the seams, and not through the item. Tagging guns will make a hole in the garment. :(

**Just a reminder!! **

Consignors are required to pick up any UNSOLD items on

Saturday, May 19th between 7 - 9pm. 

Items NOT picked up will incure a $15 holding fee and will be deducted from your earnings check. (unless prior arrangements with coordinator have been made)

Pick up times can be chosen under your Consignor Login page under Work Shifts!

How to consign at our sale:

1. Register as a Consignor

2. Pay your Registration Fee (either via Paypal or direct mail)

3. Read through our "Accepted Items" page

​4. PURGE like a crazy woman! 

5. Enter your items you want to sell on our website

6. Print out tags (on cardstock), hang your items, attach tags and prepare them for drop off. (be sure to choose your drop off time)

7. Drop off items, let us sell them for you! (click to choose Drop-off time)

8. Pick up unsold items on Saturday night between 7 - 9pm.

9. Get PAID! WooHoo! (within a week of the sale)

10. Register for our Fall 2018 Sale! :)

Want to earn a higher percentage back?

(does not apply to Consignors using our

"Too Busy to Tag Service!)

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