Items we DO Accept 

  • Gently used items from Newborn to Big Kids! (size 18/20)

    -No missing buttons, broken zippers, etc. Our Fall Sale will focus on cooler weather clothing. Winter Coats, sweaters, snow gear, Christmas/Holiday items. 

  • Shoes need to be in very good condition, and zip-tied together

     -NO stinky or dirty shoes (you know what kind we're talking about!). We will be         VERY picky on what shoes are accepted! So only prepare your nicest ones.

  • Toys and Games sell well!!

   - Toys must be clean and in good condition. Toys that require batteries, must have working batteries in them Games must have all pieces included, and must be taped closed (so pieces don't get lost during the sale. It's best to Saran Wrap games and tape the tag onto the Saran Wrap)

  • Movies (DVD & Blu-Ray ONLY), Books

​​     - Child movies and books only (we will accept maternity/pregnancy books and dvd's),  Movies must be rated G or PG. No inappropriate books or movies please! 

  • ​Baby Gear is a HUGE seller!!

    - Exersaucers, bouncers, swings, bath-tubs, pack-n-plays, etc sell VERY well. Please make sure they are clean and in working order (batteries). Car seats must be less than 5 years old, no accidents, and must be accompanied with a Car Seat Waiver                     (Email us at and we will send you the form)

         Seats that are EXPIRED or will soon expire will be returned to you to dispose of.

  • Nursing and Feeding Supplies!!

    -  We are NOT allowed to accept used breast pumps. We can accept nursing covers, bottles, bibs, sippy cups (that arent worn), etc.

(See info from LLLI - La Leche League for more information on Breast Pumps)

  • Outdoor Toys/Bikes/Little Tykes, etc.

​      - these items sell well and we encourage you to sell them with us. Please make sure they are clean, and priced to sell (we don't want you to have to bring them back home with you!)

  • Holiday Items and warmer clothing

     - At our FALL sale we will be accepting Holiday outfits including Halloween costumes and Holiday wear (fancy dresses, etc). We will also encourage winter coats, snow pants, boots, etc.

  • Maternity Clothes- if they are current and cute, why not? :)

  • Spring Sale - We would love ALL things springy and summery!

  • At this time...We DO accept all seasons at BOTH Spring and Fall sales....but if you are close to your item cut-off, please save Spring-ish items for our Spring sale, and Fall-ish items for our Fall sale.

Items we DON'T Accept:

  • Cribs manufactured before June 28th, 2011 (drop down cribs)
  • Used breast pumps​
  • Car seats older than 5 years or that have been in an accident​
  • "Outdated" Maternity Clothing (something you would currently wear is great)
  • Anything that has been recalled.  Check HERE to see if your item is recalled.

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