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Denise Chatterton     

Owner & Event Coordinator


Once upon a time.....

Amy Pike      
Lead Drop-Off/Inspection Supervisor


Beth Brown 

Lead Set-up/Floor Supervisor   

The Lynden Kids Market seed was planted about 10 years ago when I (Denise) was chatting with one of my best friends from High school about our kids. She had said that she just went to a Children's Consignment Sale and found so many great deals and was SO excited about it. I hadn't really heard of a Children's Consignment sale, and then thought... what if we started one here in Lynden? So, a friend and I came up with a name, her brother came up with a logo, and we kind of just built it from there. 

Our 1st sale was held in 2008, in a church rec room in Lynden. We had 20 + consignors who were assigned a consignor number, we marked our clothes with printed out tags that we hand wrote and we safety pinned the tags to the clothes. We hung them up in size order, and borrowed clothes racks from a friend in Stanwood. We tracked our sales on an Excel spreadsheet.

Our 2nd sale was in 2010 (had a baby in 2009)... we progressed to an online system so consignors could register and input their items online. They could also track their inventory.

We had a 3rd and 4th sale in 2011 and 2012.  We took a break in 2013, and started up again in 2014.  We are now a licensed business, and can't wait for a new adventure and our 2018 Spring sale will be our 12th sale!  I have brought on 2 new people to assist me in running this awesome Sale. Amy Pike will be my Lead Drop-Off/Inspection Supervisor and Beth Brown will be my Lead Set-up/Sales Floor Supervisor. They have been with me for every sale since 2008, and it's time that I include them in the help and set-up of this business! They are a great asset to this business, and I couldn't have ran any of these sales without their assistance or energy!

We look forward to meeting, working with you, and helping you purge items that you no longer need, and maybe we'll help you find items that you do need!!

We'll see you at "The Barn" in May!!


                    Denise, Amy and Beth