1. Send a message to LKMSALE@gmail.com to let us know you would like to use our service.

2. Register as a Consignor. Accept our invitation to our Consignor Only FB page (for updates and information on picking up items, etc).

3. Pay the $20 Registration fee (We will email an invoice to you).

4. After we receive your email and payment, we will contact you and assign you a Tagging Mom. You will coordinate with her how and when to get your items to her.

5. You will receive 45% back on sold items.

6. Tagger will receive 40% back on your sold items.

7. Lynden Kids Market will receive 15% back on your sold items.

You are welcome to Volunteer at our sale which will earn you a Pre-sale pass to our Volunteer sale.  It will NOT earn you more % on your sold items!!   You are invited to shop our Volunteer Pre-Sale on Thursday , May 17th at 6pm. 

9. You will STILL be responsible to PICK-UP your sold items at the end of the sale on Saturday, May 19th between 7 - 9pm.

10. You will be able to see what items sold each night of our sale, and we will send you a check in the mail in the next 2 weeks.

Are you TOO busy to even THINK about trying to prepare items for our sale?

Then WE have an option for YOU!!

Why not sign up for our "Too Busy to Tag" service? Here is how it works:

"Like" us on Facebook!!